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Straw Curls

Do it for the curls! "It" being put a bunch of straws in your hair.

Trust me it's worth it for a head full of these springy and bouncy curls!

What you need:

(with amazon links)

1. A box of paper straws.

(pink and gold are optional, but come on they are cute)

2. Elastic hair bands

3. A spray bottle

... and that's it!

(Glossier pink pouch is optional)

Next step, installation.

Watch this 45 second clip explaining how to properly utilize the straws!

A couple more tips!

Make sure that you try some different size sections, I think it looks best with a little variety.

If you wrap them extremely tight your curls will be nice and small, this is good for shorter hair.

When you pull these little straws out of your hair in the morning they will be REALLY tight corkscrew type curls.

Don't panic! Spray a little water on them and spend some time pulling on them so that they stretch out!

What ever you do, don't comb them out!

This one is optional, but i'll recommend sleeping on your stomach, these aren't the most comfortable to sleep on.

You can rock these curls for about 3 days with the help of a little dry shampoo, so at least all this hard work will pay off!

Once you take all these straws out you can reuse them!

Throw those little bent straws into a bag and save for your next set of curls!

I saw this on @amberfillerup 's story but since there wasn't a formal tutorial I wanted to be able to tell all the people that asked how I did them!

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you have any questions you can DM me on Instagram @seaairuh

Thanks for stopping by!

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